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Games and Events are being featured!
MONDAYS w/ MANA: The owners of the store will be around, playing popular games or learning brand new ones we just got! This helps us stay in touch with what YOU might like to see in our library.

LEARN TO PLAY: We teach players how to play a featured game! Whether it’s a new addition to the library or a forgotten classic, this is a great event for new players or dedicated gamers.

WORKSHOP NIGHTS: On these nights, we’ll be taking over the back half of the gaming area to focus on the craftier side of gaming. Come in and create terrain pieces, paint mini-figures, or just fix up a copy of that game you have that has been needing some TLC! Entry for these workshops is $10 instead of a $5 day pass in order to get a variety of materials.

GAME DESIGNER MEETUP: EVERY OTHER THURSDAY a group of local game designers stop in to playtest their creations and get feedback from peers. Dive-in and play the up-and-coming games, or bring your own ideas and workshop them with some cool folks.
RPG NIGHT: Stop in on RPG NIGHT to play a drop-in-ready campaign with our staff DM. We’ll have premade character sheets (but you can make your own), dice, and supplies. Great for RPG players of all experience levels.
NOTE: Pre-registration is recommended, though not required. Register on Warhorn HERE!

Discount D&D: Come in on these Tuesdays to play a drop-in-ready campaign of D&D with our guest DM, Lee Bokma. And because this is a Tuesday, you get a great campaign experience with a HALF PRICE DAY PASS!
NOTE: Pre-registration is recommended, though not required. Register on Warhorn HERE!

CHESS CLUB : EVERY THURSDAY AFTERNOON FROM 3-5, we're opening our store to a FREE chess club! Several boards will be available so everyone can play. All ages and skill-levels welcome, so swing in after work or class enjoy one of the most classic games ever made.
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