Hi! We're Alma and Sam.   Longtime friends, both of us had a dream of one day opening a gaming café in Lincoln to create an inclusive space for all the different types of gamers in the community. With Alma's decade of experience managing coffee shops and Sam's Master's in Business, we joined forces to figure out how to make this dream come true. In 2018, we began running weekly game nights at Cosmic Eye Brewing (shout out to our good friends Sam and Michelle!) including RPG campaigns with up to 25 players at once, featured learn to play events for newly-released board games, and video game tournaments.
When the COVID-19 Pandemic stopped our events, we launched a streaming channel to stay connected with the friends we've made. That's where Drake came in! A video producer by trade and avid Monster Hunter player, Drake became our in-house asset creator for our social team as well the one keeping our stream on schedule and making it look coooool. 

Thanks to the 232 who backed our Kickstarter, our café is now open in the Historic Creamery Building in the Haymarket! We have a library of 900+ board games, a menu full of freshly-prepared food and locally-sourced coffee and tea, as well as some specialty treats unique to us.

Check out our Kickstarter campaign here.

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We can't wait to roll dice, paint figs, roleplay, and drink coffee with you, Lincoln.


Mana Games
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